Starbucks collection

I collect Starbucks cards as I've mentioned before. I went on ebay today to see if anyone had a good set of them for sale.  I found a lot of 38 that with shipping was 9.98.  I jumped on it.  There are a LOT of them that I don't have. At least 30 of the 38 are ones new to me.  I'm very happy!  I went around the house tonight trying to locate some of my old 'extras'.  I have a stack on my desk of extra ones, but I know I have more.  I just don't know where I stashed them.  I'd like to use the extras for trades or crafts.  I just want to round them all up.  I did find a few cool brochures and things from Starbucks. I also found several different cup sleeves and a few old gift card holders.  I'll share a picture of my cards when I get them.  I will try to do a photo album and keep it updated of all my cards.  

PS  I went to Starbucks tonight and got a cascara latte. :p

Recycle center diving?!

You've heard of dumpster diving, but recycle center diving?!  I went to the bins today to recycle my things.  I noticed that there was a cute jack o lantern in the one bin.  I tried my best to reach it, but I didn't have the necessary things to reach it.  I told my friend in a text that if he went out later to get it for me.  I didn't think anymore about it, I figured he thought I was being silly and I was going to try to get it tomorrow with a stick or something. He texted me and said he had his grabber thing if I wanted to go down there.  I did so we did.  I was able to get the jack o lantern.  He is pretty cool!  Check him out:


He actually has spikes so you can put him hovering over the ground as if something was coming up out of the ground and holding him.  So very cool.  I don't know why someone tossed him in  the bin.  It was the wrong bin at that!  Oh well, he now has a good home.  I added him to my huge halloween collection.

Sunday suprises

So, I texted a friend to see if he wanted to do anything.  My car started acting up badly yesterday and I was afraid to drive it today.  I figured he'd say, nah, I don't want to do anything.  Instead, he said we could go to Aunt Millie's to eat.  Aunt Millie's has the best damn pizza.  It's so good!  I am glad I asked! LOL  So, I'm just waiting on him.  As soon as he comes, I'm going to go with him to Aunt Millie's and have some delicious pizza.  I might post again later.  I've already done today's workouts and finished today's French lesson. ^_^

Walking near dark

I decided to take a walk tonight and I waited a bit longer that I should have.  It was almost completely dark when I got home.  Oops!  I went a little further than I did the other night.  I also stopped at CVS on the way back and got a bottle of water.  I enjoyed my walk.  I really want to get back into doing that.  I need to get an earlier start though so it's not so late when I'm walking back.  It's not really a good idea to be walking after dark.  If I were at the beach, I wouldn't think twice.  Unfortunately, this isn't the beach!


I need to stay out of Target! :P

Since I was interrupted on my trip to Target the other night, I went again today.  I got two cute Halloween washi tapes.  One of pumpkins and one of little ghosties!  So cute!  I also got a stand up pencil case, a pink 'make up' bag, a cute little milk bottle witha  jack o lantern on it and a marked down lunch bag.  I thought it would be a cute bag to carry my bujo in.  It doesn't look all that big, but it is! Here is the inside with my stuff:


I have my bujo in there, the new stand up pencil case, and a few other things and there is still plenty of room!  Here is a picture of the outside. I am using the picture from the Target site as mine was too dark.


Here is my horrible dark picture!


It's really cute and handy.  I can also use it as a lunch bag if I want. It was originally $9.99 but it was marked down to $2.98.  I couldn't pass it up!

I also got a latte in the Target Starbucks while I was there. :P


Earlier today I had to go to Kmart to pick up a prescription.  I saw this cutie when I was walking out.  I put my prescription in my car and went back to purchase him. I had $4 in points that I didn't know I had, so instead of $4.99 he was only $1.99.  I love his little curly stem!


That was my day in pictures.  I hope you enjoyed. ^_^

What's in my purse....

So, for something totally different.  Here is my purse and all the stuff inside dumped out.



Exciting, isn't it? LOL!  I have a Finn and Jake pin and a Corgi pin as you can see.  I also have a Myrtle Beach charm keychain and an Adventure Time charm keychain.  The bag itself has Police Line Do Not Cross on it so that is already decorated. :P  The contents are my wallet, earbuds, Starbucks coffee sleeve, pen pouch, lip balm pouch, altoids tin with honey packets in in,  owl case with with reusable shopping bag, black card holder, wet naps, small Altoids tin with bulb that I need to replace in it, and a mini sewing kit.

So, what is in your purse?

So busy!

I've been really busy today.  I woke up at 8 am and it took a while to get back to bed.  I got up at my regular time and I felt like I should just stay in bed! LOL  I had stuff to do, so that wasn't an option.  I did my morning routine and then had breakfast.  I then went to get all my errands done. I realized it was the month to get my car inspected, so I had to add that to my do to list!

I went to get gas because my gas light was on and it was dinging at me! LOL  I almost filled up and then headed to CVS.  I needed to get something there and got $20 cash back so I didn't have to run by the bank.  I ran by Starbucks and went through the drive thru and got a cascara latte.  I then headed out to the inspection place.  He doesn't take checks or debit, so I always carry cash.  I got my inspection and then headed back to Food Lion.  I got a LOT of groceries.  I really went a little overboard, but I only got things I needed.  There was a promotion going on for every store brand item you get, you get .25 back.  I got a lot of store brand stuff, but I didn't get the discount.  I went back and asked and instead of giving me the coupon for another trip, they just refunded the amount of money it would have been.  Yay!  That was nice as I never have cash.

I came home and put all the groceries away.  I then did my workouts.  I rested a few minutes and then fixed lunch.  It was delicious.  Now, I'm just relaxing in front of the laptop. I paid all my bills online and I'm broke again.  Oh well, I have gas, food, and I'm bill free until next month!

Better today?

A bit, perhaps. I don't feel as bad as I did yesterday.  I even took a walk tonight!  I went for a walk this evening before dark.  It was nice outside.  I enjoyed it.  I need to get back into walking.  I am not sure if I'd go later like I did today, so earlier, like I used to.  Now that it's a bit cooler, it will be much nicer for walking.  I only walked about 3 miles total, but at least I walked.

I haven't done my workouts yet.  I was going to do them earlier, but everything was working against me.  I hope to get those done after I post this. I don't want to miss a day.  We'll see.  It's a Piit style workout and there are some HARD moves on there.  I might not make it. lol  I have so much to do tomorrow.  I will be able to get some gas in my car and get some groceries and other things I need. I also plan to re-load my Starbucks card. :p Gotta have my Starbucks.  I also need a book of stamps.  Okay, I'm going to attempt to do my workouts.  Wish me luck.  I'm going to need it! LOL!

My room

I took a picture of my room today to share.  I'm not feeling great today, so I'm not going to post a long post.  I think I am coming down with something. BOO!  I hate being sick.  Here is it my favorite month of the year too!  Enjoy the picture of my room.  I"ll post a better post tomorrow!