Well phooey!

I keep getting weather alerts on my phone and via email, but I haven't seen or heard any thunderstorms.  It did rain a bit though.  I was hoping for a good storm.  Oh well.  My luck, it will wait until I'm ready to go to bed and it will keep me awake. lol  I got back to my regular schedule today.  I walked and did my workouts and French before lunch.  I didn't eat lunch at the regular time because my friend and I went to South Boston.  We planned to go the Goodwill, eat, and then walk.  We went to Goodwill and ate, but after that it was later than we planned so we didn't walk. I'm glad I didn't skip my walk today planning on that!

I found a cool pink Pier 14 mug rom Myrtle Beach in the Goodwill for .49!  It was one that has the little spoon on the side. It was with it and un broken.  Coolness! I also found a nice little notebook.  We ate at Dini's Brothers and it was delicious as always.  They have really good food.  I had pizza and my friend had lasagna.  I'm going to eat as much pizza and pasta and stuff as I can, because I'm seriously thinking of starting Keto.  I am not sure I can give up bread and pasta, but I know I can eat as much bacon as is physically possible. LOL!  I'm still reading up and doing research.  I can have coffee,  yes, I checked that out first thing. LOL  I was going, no coffee is not an option.  I can have it on Keto so that is good. :P  If I do it, it will be next month before I start.  I have way too many carb laden things in my house! :p


Not my day, again

Well, if I had slept worth a damn last night it might have been better, but I didn't.  I went to bed and woke up in no time.  I tossed and turned for hours until I finally got back to sleep.  Then I didn't sleep very well and was exhausted when my Fitbit alarm went off.  I got up to do my regular stuff anyway.  I got dressed and then decided that nope, I was not going out in that heat.  I stayed in.  I have a little exercise trampoline and I got on it several times to get in some steps.  I also loaded my lawn mower up and took it to my friend's house and mowed his grass.  He needed it done and hasn't gotten around to it.  I decided to do it, so I did.

That was hot work.  My car got me there and back. I wouldn't have attempted it at all, but his house isn't too far from my house.  I came home and had to re-dress as being in my car after all that was horrible.  I have no air in my car.  I decided after that to stay in my house!  I've been sitting in my room with the air and the fan going.

I finally got around to doing my workouts and today's squats.  I still have to get in a few steps if I want to hit my usual goal point.  I try to get 15,000 steps at the very least.  I'm very close to that now.  I would like to get more, but as long as i get those, I'll be happy.  I just hope I can sleep tonight.  

So stressed!

UGH.  Well, I was having a decent day but everything seems to want to work against that.  My walk was HOT.  It was close to 100 out there and probably felt like 125!  I got my walk in though and made it home without dying.  I did my workouts and my French.  I had a small lunch because I was still feeling the effects of the heat.  My friend texted me and asked if I'd like to eat. I did so we did.  That was okay, but it wasn't as good as it usually is.

I came home and talked to a friend.  They have five, count them five working vehicles.  My friend just got a brand new car.  She had just gotten a new car a year or less ago.  She was letting her husband use her older car since his van has a lot of issues.  He was wanting to give or sell me the van cheaply.  I don't want a van, but it runs.  Well, they got in a big fight and now my friend took the car back and now he has to go back to his van and I'm shit out of luck.  I was looking forward to possibly being able to drive again.

But you've been driving your car! You say.  So I have, but it's been getting worse and worse.  Yesterday when I drove it to pick up some water, it didn't want to go in reverse!  I'm a bit afraid to drive it anymore. :(  I don't know what to do. I guess I'm back to walking everywhere to get the things I need.  Just what I need.  Let me carry a bunch of groceries home in this heat. UGH!  I swear I'm so close to just giving up. 

Oh my!

And I thought yesterday was bad.  Today was worse.  It was just way too hot out there.  It was in the 90's and the humidity was high.  It was not a good day to walk, but I did it.  I was extremely happy to get home!  I had to take off my clothes and completely change.  Everything I had on was soaked through.  So gross. :p

I relaxed and cooled off until time to do my workouts.  I did those and my French.  I was going to get my squat done, but I got distracted and didn't. I'll do them later.  Today's won't be so bad.  I finished the book I was reading last night.  It was pretty good.  Now I have to decide what to read next.  Either true crime or something else.  Who knows? I don't. :p        

At this point, I'm not sure if I'm going back out today or not.  I need to go get a case of water, but I may wait until tomorrow.  I need to check a few places that are close to see if there is any on sale.  I'm so broke that I need the cheapest price I can find.  I am also out of stamps, but I don't have the money to get any of those. :(  Phooey! I meant to get a book at the beginning of the month and then didn't.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find a ten dollar bill on tomorrow's walk! lol

UGH and it's not even summer yet!

Today's walk was HOT.  It was in the 90's today and believe me, I felt it!  I was so glad to get home to my air conditioned room!  I relaxed and cooled off as long as possible before doing today's workouts.  I got those done and my French and then relaxed before fixing lunch.  I didn't want to do my squats just then.

Later this evening, I did my squats.  I also went out and did some roadwork! At some point, some jackass parked half in the edge of my yard and it made parts of the yard go out in the street.  I went out with a shovel and got the majority of that out of the road.  I then got my hose and washed some more away.  It's made mowing at the edge a lot harder.  I wish I knew who did it so I can give them a kick in the teeth! 

I got that done and had to bury a bird. :(  I noticed a dead bird when getting the hose.  I've seen more than my fair share of dead birds lately on my walks.  Today there was one in my yard.  It's so weird!  Poor birds!

I'm pretty sure my bed linen is dry and ready to go back on the bed, but I'm being lazy and don't feel like messing with it at the moment.  I will have to do it eventually as I can't sleep tonight without linens on the bed. :p  I've felt so tired all day. I'd really like to just say phooey on it all and go to bed!  I did start on a book last night and it's good.  It is Friend Request.  I wasn't sure when I started it, but it's pretty good.  I want to read more of that.  I should re-make my bed and then put on pajamas and snuggle in my clean bed linen and read for the rest of the evening.  That sounds pretty good, actually! 

Saturday struggles!

So, I woke up this morning and I was so tired.  I truly wanted to go back to bed and skip my walk and everything else.  I texted a friend and he mentioned possibly going out of town to walk.  That perked me up a bit so I got up and did my usual morning prep.  Well, he didn't want to go until l or so.  I was motivated then, so I told him I'd walk until 1 and he could pick me up.  I walked and got past the half way mark and no messages.  I walked back to a place that is before his street and texted him.  He was asking if I still wanted to walk! LOL I was almost back home and I was roasting!  I walked to his house and told him that if he wanted to go to Reidsville and check out the thrift stores and the pawn shops there, that would be good with me.  With walking to his house, I got in the same about of distance as if I'd gone all the way home.  

He agreed to this new plan and we went to Reidsville.  I went with him in two thrift stores and he went in two pawn shops.  Afterwards, we went to Carmela's pizza and split a pizza.  Delicious!  I love their food. After that, we headed back here.  I came home and changed and then did my workouts, my French lesson, and today's squats.  It was so not fair because I think all five of the workout videos had squats in them. LOL  

I put a small load of clothes in to wash and I decided to get in a good bath.  That was quite nice.  I am going to relax until bedtime.  I'm really tired.  I haven't read since before the beach trip and I miss it.  Maybe I'll get the Kindle out and read tonight.  I had started a book before the trip, but I hadn't gotten into it very far.  I may just start another one and come back to that.  I need to get back into my reading.  I've been slacking on it since the beach!

New banner, new colors....

I created a new banner for the blog tonight. It's from a picture I took one year on a trip to Myrtle Beach.  I was able to find the Happy Monkey font online and downloaded it to the Macbook.  I used to to create the banner.  I like it. ^_^  I wish I had had it yesterday when I was typing pen pal letters!  

Speaking of pen pal letters, I wrote seven yesterday and mailed them today.  After my walk, workouts, French, etc, I went to the post office.  I had already mailed my letters off, so I was just checking my box.  I'm glad I did as I had five new letters! I also had the receipt for my post office box payment that I paid earlier this month.  After I left the post office, I decided to treat myself to Starbucks since I was out and about.  I was going to get a tall caramel Frappuccino and then I remembered that I had a coupon loaded to my Gold card that would give me a grande size for $3.  I got a grande. :p  As I was pulling out of the drive thru, I got to see the Corgi. <3  He is so cute!


Photo shoot for a purse?

YES! LOL  I got my purse today and I moved my stuff over to it and then took it out in the yard for a photo shoot. :P  The lighting in my house isn't the best, so I figured that would be better.  I have to share some of the photo shoot with you. :p


 So, there you go.  Some outside and some inside.  LOL  I'm in love with this purse.  I switched from my current wallet back to my Kate Spade one. May she RIP. 

Double star day!

Yes, it was double star day at Starbucks today. I asked my friend if she would like to go to Hobby Lobby and Starbucks.  She actually did!!! Yay!  She went to Starbucks first, so I was drinking my delicious cascara latte in HL. :P  Why did I go to Hobby Lobby?  Well, in one of the bullet journal groups I'm in, someone mentioned that they bought a big pack of Stabilo pens on clearance.  I was hoping our local HL would have them.  They did!!!! I got a set of 25 in a roll case for $7.49!  These are usually $29.99.  It had a bunch of colors that I didn't have as I only have the ten pack. I love the Stabilos and had wanted a bigger pack of them for more variety.  I was so glad to find this deal.  They are so nice and they come in the cool roll up pack.  Easy to take with.  I'll be using them a lot in my bullet journal.  I tend to use my Stabilos more than my Sharpie pens.  I use a black Micron as my main black pen because it's an 08 so the nib is larger.  I like that.

I am going to do a pen test page in my bujo even though I know these don't bleed.  It will really be a color swatch page.  I have two pages right at the front of my bujo that I never used.  This will be perfect! ^_^  I am so happy to have found them.  It's cool to have a big set and the included case just makes them even better!

It was overcast today before I walked, but I looked at the weather and the sun was supposed to come out while I was walking. It did!   It was sunny for the entire walk.  After I got home, it clouded up aq bit and it even rained a little earier.  I got in my workouts, my French, and my squats.  I swear they are killing me. LOL!

After my friend and I got back to her house, I stayed for a while to see her animals.  I had to hold my little Cocoa as I love her so!  She is such a little cutie pie.  Unfortunately, when I got home, I had a lot of dog and cat hairs, I smelled like dog, and I had a small poop stain on my pants! LOL!  The joys of animals. :p  I tossed the pants in the wash and changed into a dog free shirt. :p  As I'm typing this post, I'm charging my Fitbit.  It's life is usually 5 days.  It was only down to 35%, but I knew that if I didn't charge it today, it might get too low tomorrow.  Fitbit says the battery lasts 5 days and they are correct!  It's still doing great and I absolutely love it.

I totally meant to get my letters caught up tonight and didn't do any.  I suck! Hopefully tomorrow.  Well... I had planned to get Starbucks AFTER HL and then come home and do letters while sipping Starbucks and that just didn't happen.  Maybe another day.  I'm still very happy about my Stabilos! lol



So, as I've mentioned, I've been doing the #100SquatChallenge with Blogilates.  Today's was intense.  I had already gotten in my walk and then did my cardio workouts.  After all that, I did the squats.  OMG When I got done my legs were so wobbly that I could hardly walk. LOL!  It was insane.  Hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow when I go for my walk. :p

My purse shipped today. Yay!  I kept checking my email all day to see if it had shipped. lol I finally got notification in the afternoon.  I put the tracking in my package tracking app and it's estimated to be here Friday.  That would be awesome!  You know I'll do a post with pictures when it gets here. But if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you already knew that. :D